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Writing: A journey

Hello my name is Adele Lassiter and I'm the author of the new conspiracy thriller entitled "Burden of Proof."  Welcome to The Ink Spot, a blog, which will focus in on issues related to writing, publishing and how to promote your book!  I will share my experiences as an independent writer and owner of a small publishing company, Lone Mountain Press.  Together we can embark on a journey, or better yet an adventure in writing.  Please check back often for new entries on a variety of writing topics.  I am also open to posting book reviews and hosting Virtual Book Tours for upcoming authors.  Email me if you are interested. 

A little on my background.  I was born and raised in Raleigh North Carolina. I graduated from Needham Broughton High School in 2002.  I  an alumna of Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee, where I majored in Audio/Video Production and Music Business.  While at Belmont I found a passion in Intellectual Properties and Music Business Publishing.

 I interned at Big Loud Shirt Industries, an ASCAP top Independent Music Publisher owned by famed songwriter Craig Wiseman in the fall of 2007.  The internship afforded me a greater understanding of the Music Business and publishing and promotion of Intellectual Property (i.e. copyrighted creative works such as music, writing, and even inventions/methods of doing something that are unique and can be licensed or copyrighted.)

Upon completion of my studies I had hoped to get hired to an entry level position in the Music Industry, however the economy tanked and hiring freezes were placed on many Nashville area businesses.  Even with my credentials and top references I as unable to land a job in my field.  I decided to try my luck elsewhere, and hit the open road on a cross-country trip with my mom with our final intended destination being Seattle (which has a flourishing music and film scene).  However fate intervened when our car broke down and we wound up in Bozeman Montana.  Since I had previously spent a year in the area we decided to permanently settle here.

With no job prospects in this weak economy, I decided to focus on my passion of writing and publishing.  I started my own publishing imprint, Lone Mountain Press and I've been utilizing the skills I acquired with my Business degree to publish and promote "Burden of Proof."  Thus far it has been a rewarding experience and lots of hard work!  I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work in writing and publishing. Every day the learning curve lessens and I gain more of a foothold in my promotional efforts.  

Why I Write?

I write because I love to construct plots and tell stories.  I enjoy creating characters and placing individual words together to form something magnificent - a story.  Writing is not easy, even for those with a natural propensity for it.  It takes thought, patience, and the ability to objectively look constructively at your work and make it better.  My goal in writing isn't money, although I wouldn't complain if I received a royalty check now and then.  However it's a passion for storytelling and the hope others will enjoy reading what I've written.

My novel:

"Burden of Proof" is a nonstop conspiracy thriller when follows a fictional biological attack on the United States and subsequent government cover-up.  In 2001 after seven innocent Americans open their mail, they die from inhaling doses of Thorax, a fictional toxin, which causes trouble breathing and cardiac arrest.  The U.S. Government instantly labels the attacks as biological warfare from abroad.  The Thorax Terror becomes a leading catalyst for U.S. entry into a controversial war in the Mid-East. 

Flash forward to 2007.  Americans have grown tired of the war and distrust the current administration.  When a plan is set in motion by a committee of nine D.C. power players to bury the explosive truth behind thorax, it becomes a race against time to unravel a web of conspiracy, which if exposed could shake the foundations of the U.S. democratic system.

"Burden of Proof" is distributed via Ingram and is available for purchase via Amazon Kindle and in paperback via in-store request or online via  Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  A portion of the proceeds go to The American Red Cross for Haiti Relief.

Upcoming Posts:

- Self-Publishing Basics

- Promotion Tips

- How to write a Press Release

- How to have a successful Book Signings

Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to sharing my publishing journey with you!

In addition to this site I maintain several additional blogs including "American Nomad" - a blog geared toward travel writing and a popular college basketball blog on The Sporting News website.  I have posted links to my other websites below:

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