Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Review of "Burden of Proof"

Here is a new review of "Burden of Proof" posted on Amazon!  I did not know the reviewer and her feedback was very helpful.  

"This book is not a "whodunit" it's a lot more a "will they get away with it" type of book. From the first page you are introduced to the conspirators and the conspiracy. It is more adventure than mystery. 

Ms. Lassiter pulls no punches, and those who get in the way of the conspiracy are killed ... so at no point are you certain that anyone will make it to the last page.

I appreciate the fact that this is a conversation-driven book, with an omnipotent overview, so the reader is able to see and understand the motivations of all of the characters.

And I appreciate the way the conspiracy is handled, including the focus on wanting democracy to succeed in spite of the conspiracy.

There are still some "rough edges" in the book, and some of the conversations are a bit awkward. However, the story alone puts this one above average.

I have had the privilege of reading BOTH the early edition of this book and the current addition ... Ms Lassiter forwarded me a PDF copy of the book. While 90+% of the errors were caught in the later edition, there are still a few misused words and typos hanging in there ... but the story is strong, leaving me between 3 and 4 stars - rounded up to 4."


I'm still trying to finish up the follow-up to "Burden of Proof," by will be active in blogging again by mid-May!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey that was a pretty good review.
    Have fin with the WIP.