Sunday, March 14, 2010

Frustrating writing day

Do you ever have days when writing makes you crazy.  You have writers block or can't see clearly to read through a manuscript you are editing?  I'm there today! 

So what are some good ways to clear your head and refocus on writing?

Sometimes I have to take a break and either work on another project unrelated to my writing project(s) and/or just get out of the house.

On the other hand it could be helpful to try to write through the writers block, which can get your brain going.

I make lots of brainstorming lists, which sometimes helps.  What works for you?  Think of ways that you can refocus after a frustrating day (or week) of writing and editing....


  1. I have two approaches.
    Either, like you, I drop it entirely and do something else.

    Or I leave the part I am stuck on and I jump to another section of my book.

    Interestingly, as often as not the place where I was stuck becomes a break in the finished piece, a point where I switch PoV or move into a different sub-plot.


    Publish or Perish

  2. I find a workout sometimes helpful.

    Sometimes I just need to put it down & work on something else for a few days until my head clears of the frustration.

    I send rambling e-mails to a few friends about what my problem is. More often than not, I resolve the issue before I sign off.

    Sometimes I just have to write. If it doesn't work, I know to throw it out and start over with another idea. Sometimes I just can't see that something does or doesn't work until I write it out.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Working out is a good idea too. Sometimes I like to go on a walk to take a break from writing and refocus my mind.

  4. A walk along the river is my favourite way to kickstart the inspiration, making sure I have a notebook with me. Another is as you say to write through the writers block. I also have a big box of poetry ideas which I pick up as often as possible and browse through. i made a real commitment ercently, now that I'm so connected online to make a real effort at making more time for writing with a pen and paper....